Southside Massage Retreat
Massage Services and Rates

Ashiatsu Bar Therapy


~ Better know as Deep-Feet Therapy, this technique uses deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body.  Gravitational force is combined with centrifugal and centripetal movements.  This creates a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage.  This creates deep relaxation and stimulates the lymphatic system.



30 Minutes: $50

60 Minutes: $90

75 Minutes: $115

90 Minutes: $135



Deep Tissue

~ This massage uses techniqes that affect the sub-layer of musculature and fascia.  It helps with chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation-related pain.  It is generally integrated with other massage techniqes.


30 Minute: $50

45 Minute: $60

60 Minute: $90

90 Minute: $135



Swedish Massage


~ A Therapeutic Massage that is light or moderate pressure that is applied.  Relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, increase serotonin levels, improves muscle tone, and promotes total mind and body relaxation.


30 Minutes Upper Body: $50

45 Minutes Upper Body: $70

60 Minutes Full Body: $90

90 Minutes Full Body: $135



Trigger Point

~ Trigger Point Therapy Massage is specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.  In this type of massage for trigger point therapy, the recipient actively participates through deep breathing as well as identifying the exact location and intensity of the discomfort.

The results and benefits of trigger point massage are releasing constricted areas in the muscles thus alleviating pain.  You can experience a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment.  Receiving massage with trigger point therapy on a regular basis can help naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.


30 Minutes: $50

45 Minutes: $70

60 Minutes: $90

90 Minutes: $135



Sports Massage

~ Post-event sports massage is given after a competition and is mainly concerned with recovery.  It is geared toward reducing the muscle spasms and metabolic build-up that occur with vigorous exercise.  Recovery after a competition involves not only tissue normalization and repair, but also general relaxation and mental calming.  A recovery session might be 15 to 90 minutes in length.


30 Minutes: $50

45 Minute: $70

60 Minutes: $90

90 Minutes: $135



Prenatal Massage

~ A gentle massage geared to relieving the muscle cramps, spasms, and pain often encountered in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs during pregnancy.  Side by side body positioning with pillows for extra comfort.


30 Minute Upper Body: $50

45 Minute Upper Body: $70

60 Minute Full Body: $90

90 Minute Full Body: $135




Couple's Massage Lesson


~ What a fun, romantic, and instructional way to spend the evening!  You and your loved one now have the opportunity to learn some basic massage techniques together.  This private lesson is 90 minutes, and it includes tutoring in massage techniques, along with each of you giving and receiving a 30 minute massage to one another.


90 minutes: $100



Chair Massage

~ Chair Massage is performed in the workplace.  Your employees will be seated upright on a special massage chair and will remain fully clothed.  No oils or lotions are used, so there is no need for them to be concerned about stains on clothing.  The session generally lasts from ten to twenty minutes.  The chair is lightweight and portable, enabling it to be set up in virtually any office or break room.

This service is also available at the Retreat, for those who are short on time and need some quick pain relief for their neck and shoulders.


15 Minutes: $20

30 Minutes: $40

*$20 travel fee may be applied, depending on location*



Paraffin Wax Treatments


~ Paraffin wax treatments are a form of heat therapy; they're often used for muscle, tendon and ligament ailments.  As with conditions like arthritis, they increase blood flow, improve joint stiffness and reduce pain.  They're also used to treat bursitis, tendinitis, sprains, and pulled muscles.


Hands: $10

Feet: $10

Hands, Feet, Knees, & Elbows: $30



Lemon-Sage Exfoliating Sugar Srub


~ This sweet scrub is the answer! Jojoba, Oive, and Safflower oils are combined with sugar to scub away imputities and dead skin cells.  Refresh, revive, and reveal a healthy glow to the skin.  This wonderful sugar srub is then followed by a relaxing massage with the Lemon-Sage Body Butter Finishing Cream.


30 Minute... $40 (Hands & Feet)



Peppermint & Eucalyptus Salt Glow


~ Time to refresh, revive, and reveal a healthy glow to the skin!  Flaky, dry, or dull skin is no longer an issue with this stimulating formula.  Therapeutic Dead Sea Salt removes imputities and dead skin cells, while Jojoba, Olive, and Safflower oils soften and moisturize.  This rejuvenating salt glow is then followed by the Peppermint & Eucalyptus Body Butter Finishing Cream.


30 Minutes: $40 (Hands & Feet)



Add Hot Stones to any massage for $10

Aromatherapy is complimentary for any service