Southside Massage Retreat
Facial Massage Services & Rates

*These facial massages are just that... a gentle massage for the face.  No skin analysis or extractions.  Pure massage with amazing all natural products without chemicals!


Detox Facial Massage


A lot of sinus headaches and congestion is going around this year!  Come in for some quick relief!  Firm massage techniques are applied to the sinuses and specific facial muscles with the use of cold stones.  Gentle scalp massage included and ended with a hot, steamed towel soaked in detoxifying bath oil.  A wonderful, natural treatment for sinus pain! ~(20 Min duration)



Peppermint Mocha Facial Massage


A perfect holiday treat! Contains the aroma of peppermint, real coffee grounds and cocoa powder, the benefits include reducing redness and producing an even skin tone.  Reduces appearance of pores and fine lines.  Includes a mini neck, scalp, and shoulder massage. ~(30 Min duration)



Pumpkin Spice Facial Massage


This facial is sure to please your senses with the rich aroma of the season!  Enjoy the benefits of real pumpkin for your skin!  Reduces appearance of pores and fine lines to reveal younger looking skin, just after one session!  Includes a mini neck, scalp, and shoulder massage. ~(30 Min duration)



Summertime Facial Massage


Want a little summertime happiness? Then this is the facial for you!  This facial consists of strawberries, bananas, and lemon juice.  Aids is anti-aging, reduces blemishes, and acne. Includes a neck and shoulder massage. (30 Min duration)



Oatmeal Facial Massage


The oatmeal facial massage is for those that oily skin! This facial consists of oatmeal, egg whites, and lemon.  This facial helps exfoliates the skin while moisturizing it.  It leaves your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated. Neck and shoulder massage is included. (30 Min duration)



Crazy for Bananas Facial Massage


Yum is the word for this facial! Bananas mixed with plain Greek yogurt helps tighten the skin and replenish moisture.  Includes a neck and shoulder massage ~(30 Min duration)



Lemon Honey Facial Massage


Having issues with acne, then this is the facial for you! Lemon helps tighten pores while the honey helps moisturize and egg whites are used to help fight acne naturally without the use of chemicals.  This facial brightens the face and is anti-aging!  Includes a neck and shoulder massage. ~(30 Min duration)



Tropical Coconut Sugar Scrub Facial

Take a trip to the tropics with this facial!  This awesome sugar scrub scrub consists of coconut oil, sugar, and an essential oil of your choice!!  Neck and shoulder massage is included. ~(30 Min duration)